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Buenos Aires, St John's Anglican Church, 1824-1900
1825-27, 1828-30, 1831-33, 1834-37, 1838-42, 1843-47, 1848-53, 1854-58, 1859-63, 1864-66, 1867-69, 1870-72, 1873-75, 1876-77, 1878-81, 1882-85, 1886-88, 1889-90, 1891-92, 1893-94, 1895-96, 1897-1900
Anglican marriages before 1825
Introduction to Anglican marriages 1824-51
1824-28, 1828-32, 1833-39, 1840-51, 1851-63, 1864-72, 1872-82, 1883-87, 1888-90, 1891-94, 1895-97, 1898-1900
Socorro 1821-25, 1826-28, 1829-31, 1831-33
Victoria 1834-35, 1835-39, 1840-43, 1843-45, 1846-48, 1849-50, 1851-52, 1853, 1854-55, 1856-57, 1858-63, 1864-67, 1868-70, 1871, 1872-76, 1877-84, 1885-88, 1889-92
Chacarita 1893-97, 1898-1900
Buenos Aires, St Andrew's Scots Church, 1827-1900
Preface and Table of Contents
Notes on the transcription
List of Scots Presbyterian Ministers in 19th century Argentina
Baptisms 1830-49, 1850-51, 1851-57, 1858-63, 1864-71, 1872-78, 1879-85, 1886-89, 1890-92, 1893-95, 1896-98, 1899-1900
Marriages 1827-53, 1852-63, 1864-78, 1879-86, 1887-92, 1893-1900
Burials 1852-63, 1864-70, 1871-78, 1879-86, 1887-92, 1893-1900
Buenos Aires, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1837-1900
Baptisms/Bautismos 1843-52, 1853-60
Marriages/Matrimonios 1843-60
Burials/Entierros 1843-60
Other Churches in Buenos Aires
Belgrano, St Saviour's
Bautismos 1895-1902
Matrimonios 1896-1900
Flores, St Peter's Church,
Bautismos 1879-86, 1887-1901
Matrimonios 1880-1900
Sepelios 1880-1903
Lomas de Zamora, Holy Trinity
Bautismos 1888-95, 1895-1901
Matrimonios 1874-1900
Palermo, St Paul's
Introducción y Bautismos 1898-1903
Quilmes, All Saints
Bautismos 1892-1901
Matrimonios 1892-1900
Entierros 1893-1900
Buenos Aires, British Cemetery
List of names on old headstones from Victoria Cemetery: Introduction, names A-G, H-Z, photographs
Marriages in the River Plate before 1825
Consular Declarations of Marriage, 1849-1875
Text of a consular declaration
Example of a declaration of intention to marry
Purpose of making the consular declaration
Marriage declarations in Buenos Aires, 1849-55, 1856-66, 1867-75
Province of Buenos Aires
Gallery of pictures of headstones located in the Protestant Cemetery
Bahía Blanca and the Province of Buenos Aires
Bautismos, 1883-93, 1895-1900
Matrimonios, 1883-88, 1888-1900
Entierros, 1884-91
Chascomús, St Andrew's Scots Church, 1863-1900
Baptisms, 1863-72, 1873-82, 1882-90, 1891-1900
Marriages, 1863-1904
Burials, 1863-1900
Chascomús, Libro de Inhumaciones del Cementerio de Disidentes
A-B, C-D, E-G, H-L, M-O, P-S, T-Z
Florencio Varela, St John's Scots Church, 1857-1909
Baptisms, 1857-71, 1872-1889, 1890-1900
Marriages, 1857-1909
San Vicente
Burials in the Protestant Cemetery, 1868-1934
Province of Santa Fe
Rosario, St Bartholomew's Church
Baptisms, 1868-73, 1874-77, 1878-81, 1882-85, 1886-88, 1889-90, 1891, 1892-93, 1893-94, 1895-96, 1896-98, 1898-1900
Marriages, 1869-77, 1877-82, 1883-85, 1886-87, 1888-90; 1890-94, 1895-1901
La Nueva Historia de la Iglesia Anglicana San Bartolomé, Rosario, 2003, 3a edición para el web
Los primeros pastores anglicanos trabajando en la Provincia de Santa Fe y Córdoba
El clero asociado a la Iglesia Anglicana de San Bartolomé, Rosario (1868-1996)
El clero asociado a la Iglesia Anglicana de la Colonia Alejandra, Pcia. Santa Fe (1877-88)
El clero asociado a la Iglesia Anglicana de Fraile Muerto (actual Bell Ville), Pcia. Córdoba (1876-79)
Capellanes trabajando en la Misión entre Marineros, Rosario (1911-1983)
Los Ministros Laicos asociados a la Iglesia Anglicana de San Bartolomé (1881-1996)
Institución Memorial Allen Gardiner e Iglesia Anglicana Alberdi
Obispo Ricardo S. Cutts, Canónigo Federico Cowes, Bert Pilling, Desmond McCarthy, Percy Forrest Talbot, C.B.E.
La Iglesia Anglicana (poema de Susana Valenti)
Donde se desenvolvió la actividad de la Iglesia Anglicana
St Bartholomew's School, 1868-1904
Antecedentes del actual Colegio San Bartolomé, 1868-1959, la dirección
South American Missionary Magazine:
Indice por temas para Rosario, Fraile Muerto, Córdoba y Colonia Alejandra y distrito
Rosario, Colegio San Bartolomé
Breve historia, 1868-1904
La dirección, 1868-1959
Nómina de alumnos, 1875-1880, 1900, 1902, 1903
Rosario, English Commercial College
Nómina de alumnos, 1904
Rosario, St Bartholomew's English School (1900-1903) and English Commercial College (1904)
Analysis of the pupils attending
Alberdi, Rosario, Allen Gardiner Memorial Chapel
Baptisms, 1897-1902
Marriages, 1897-99
The Alberdi Homes and Schools, Rosario (Extract from From Cape Horn to Panama, Robert Young, 1905)
Colonia Alejandra
Bautismos 1876-77, 1877-84, 1885-91
Matrimonios 1876-89
Entierros 1871-87
The Journal of Arthur L. Powys, 1872
Province of Córdoba
Córdoba baptisms, 1876-96
Córdoba marriages, 1877-96
Córdoba burials, 1870-95
Province of Entre Ríos
Index page
Introduction to the Entre Rios pages
Concordia Baptisms, 1883-1901
Concordia Marriages, 1869-1893, 1900
Burials conducted at Concordia, Entre Ríos, 1883-1918
Anglican Clergy officiating at Concordia, 1883-1918
Province of Chubut
Welsh Settlers in Patagonia
The first Welsh settlers, 1865
Berwyn's Register, 1865-75
Deaths and Inquests
Ministry of the Revd Hugh Davies, first Anglican chaplain, 1883-1909
Index of names
Index of place names
Index page
Introduction to the Uruguay pages
The Revd. Lachlan McNeill
Scots Church Baptisms
Scots Church Marriages
Salto Anglican Church Baptisms
Fray Bentos Anglican Church Marriages
Methodist Episcopal Church, Montevideo Introduction and Baptisms, 1841-42, Marriages, 1839-41
Clergy officiating in Uruguay in the 19th century
Emigration of Scots, English and Welsh-speaking people to Argentina in the 19th century:
Pioneering days: letters and accounts of disasters that affected immigrants from Great Britain
The authentic voice of despair
Physical danger and lonelness, followed by success
The Lincolnshire Farmers: Introduction, Tom Shrewsbury, Annie Godward, Emma & I. Edwards, Arrival at Rosario, What happened afterwards, Photos of the Godward family
Memorial inscriptions
St John's Church, St Andrew's Church, British Cemetery, Chacarita, St Bartholomew's, Rosario, Cementerio "La Piedad", Bell Ville
A selection of the obituaries written by Edward T. Mulhall for The Standard of Buenos Aires between 1882 and 1899, published in Saudades
Those who died intestate, the appointment of curators by the British Consulate for, 1842-49, 1859-99
Wills of British subjects recorded at the British Consulate, Buenos Aires, 1843-54
British Shipping at Buenos Aires
First Mail Packet to arrive, April 1824
British merchant shipping at Buenos Aires, 1826-7 1828 1829 1830 1831 1832 1833 1834 1835
Transcripts of 11 maritime adventures with British shipping in Argentine waters, 1827-40
News from Buenos Aires
Dr Michael O’Gorman attends to British wounded, 1807
A Sailing Match, 1832
Commercial Academy, Prize List for 1835
Grand Ball and Supper given by Capt Herbert, 1839
Queen Victoria's birthday and marriage celebrated, 1840; List of guests in alphabetical order
“Two of the provinces have risen against General Rosas”—from a letter written between two brothers, 1851
List of names in publications
Mulhall's "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
Introduction to foreigners resident in Buenos Aires and the province in 1863
Edward T. Mulhall and Michael G. Mullhall
Mulhall family mausoleum in the Recoleta
Foreigners resident in Buenos Aires and the province in 1863:
listed alphabetically and by address
Mulhall's "Handbook of the River Plate Republics, 1875"
Lists of people with British, Irish and North American names living in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay
Argentine 1869 census returns
Barracas, tomos 36, 37-40, 41 and 42-43
Bell Ville
Doctors in practice with the English-speaking community
Kelly's Merchants and Manufacturers of the World, 1903: Argentina
Warner's Cadastral Map of 1895/98 of parts of Santa Fe, Córdoba and Buenos Aires Provinces
Translations of terminology, English/Spanish and castellano/inglés:
occupations, railways
Abbreviations used in this website
Aims and hopes of this website, introduction, about the author, copyright
Other writings by the author
Site map
Site history
Links to other important websites

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