Links to other important websites

The British Presence in Southern Patagonia website
Baptisms by the Ushuaia Anglican Mission, 1872 to 1923;
Duncan Campbell's website opening page.

Society for Irish Latin American Studies website
Irish Migration Studies in Latin America SILAS;
Passenger Lists of Irish Immigrants in Argentina 1822-1929.

The Odyssey of the s.s. Dresden—website of Juan Pablo Alvarez
The ship's arrival at Buenos Aires was on 15 February 1889.
Consult Juan Pablo's blog on the passengers' descendants.

Arnold Morrison's website
The Scots in Argentina, 1800-1914.

James Dodds' Records of the Scottish Settlers in the River Plate and their Churches (Buenos Aires, 1897)
The pages of this rare book may now be consulted online on the Electric Scotland: Scots in Argentina webpages

Sylvester Damus' website
A list of Anglo-Argentine Railwaymen who served in the Great War, 1914-1918. A further page provides more details of the 124 men who died.
These pages are part of a very important website dedicated to the history of Argentine Railways.

Graeme Wall's website
Opening page of Graeme's genealogical website;
Cholera Outbreak in Buenos Aires, 1868;
Victims of the 1871 Yellow Fever Epidemic in Buenos Aires.

Neil Hampshire's website
Brits in South America Database BiSA.

Juan D. Delius' website
History of the camps around the ancient estancia of Monte Molino, southeastern Córdoba Province, Argentina.

Jorge Macfarlane's website
Website in Spanish and English describing the forebears and descendants of George Macfarlane and Martha Lovell MacVicar, who arrived in Rosario from Britain in about 1890. Two of their daughters married into the Prescott and Runnacles families.

Martin Romano Garcia's website
Romano Garcia—Giani Patterson surname research.

The Genealogical Page of Jorge Heredia and Heleen Sittig, in particular for the Barton, Rowe and Thompson families.

Outward bound passenger lists with 30 million records from ships leaving the British Isles to destinations worldwide, 1890-1960, A journey of discovery.

Intute is a free online service providing you with a database of hand selected Web resources for education and research.

Steve van Dulken's website
Free Databases for Genealogical Searching.

GenealogyAgent website
The GenealogyAgent Website helps you monitor the Internet for your hard-to-find ancestors for new or updated information.

Sharon Warr's website
South African Genealogy, a website dedicated to helping you to find your South African ancestors.

Andes Celtig—Travel
Welsh Settlement in Patagonia, a website for people interested in visiting Welsh Patagonia. Particularly useful links page. In Welsh, Spanish and English.

British Settlers in Argentina
Jeremy Howat's website opening page and search facility.