"Druid" Steam Vessel
LDS microfilm 1494330, FO 446/3 pp 288-291
Power of Atty -
John Clark to George Thompson to sell the "Druid", Steam Vessel

Know all Men by these presents that I John Hill a British Merchant actually residing in this City of Buenos Ayres in South America do hereby make ordain constitute nominate and appoint and by these presents have made ordained constituted nominated and appointed my partner George Thompson Esq. of Liverpool Merchant my true and lawful Attorney to whom I do hereby give full power and authority for me and in my name and on my own behalf sell assign and absolutely dispose of all my right share or interest in and to the Ship or Vessel called the "Druid" of London of the burthen of Sixty Three tons and fifty three ninety fourth parts of a ton or thereabouts either by Public Auction or Private Contract unto such person or persons as may be minded or desirous of becoming the Purchaser or Purchasers thereof and at and for the best price consideration or purchase money which my said attorney shall or may be enabled to obtain and procure for the same which said Ship or Vessel hath been duly Registered pursuant to an Act of Parliament and the Certificate of such Registry is to the effect following (that is to say)

No. 515 Certificate of British Registry

This is to Certify that in pursuance to and Act passed in the fourth year of the Reign of King George entitled An Act for the Registering of Vessels William Fry of Mildred Court in the City of London Banker (being of the people called Quakers) having solemnly sincerely and truly declared and affirmed and Francis Kinder the Younger of Basingham? Street in the City of London Merchant having taken and subscribed the Oath required by the said Act and having sworn that they together with John Parish Robertson of Glenis House in the Parish of Lousuade and County of Midlothian are sole owners in the proportions specified on the back hereof of the Ship or Vessel called the "Druid of London which is of the burthen of sixty three 53/94 Tons and whereof James Bell is master and that the said Ship or Vessel was built at Liverpool in the County of Lancaster in the Year One thousand eight hundred and twenty three as appears by a former Certificate of Registry granted at Liverpool 12th April 1823 No. 27 now delivered up and cancelled.

And Richard Lea the Surveying Officer having certified to us that the said Ship or Vessel has one Deck and two Masts that her length from the fore part of the Main Stem to the after part of the Stern Post aloft is eighty four feet five inches her breadth at the broadest part taken above the main Wales is sixteen feet eight inches and a half her depth in the hold is eight feet five inches that she is Schooner rigged propelled by Steam with a Standing Bowsprit is Square Sterned Carvel built has no galleries and a man's bust head and the said Subscribing Owners having consented and agreed to the above description and having caused sufficient security to be given as it required by the said Act the said Ship or Vessel called the "Druid" has been duly registered at the Port of London.
Certified under our hands at the Custom House in the said Port of London the twenty second day of September in the Year One thousand eight hundred and twenty four. Admeasured afloat
signed ........... Collector

And upon receipt of the said price or consideration or purchase money for me in my name or otherwise on my behalf sign and give such good and sufficient receipts releases acquittances and discharges for the same as need may require.
Also for me in my name place and stead and as my Act and Deed in due form of Law to execute and deliver such valid Bill or Bills of Sale or other Instrument or Instruments in writing which shall or may be required and necessary for the purpose of assigning transferring and setting over the said Ship or Vessel called the "Druid" her Tackle Apparel Machinery Stores and Appurtenances thereof And Generally for affecting the promises to do whatever shall be requisite and necessary as fully amply and effectually to all intents and purposes whatsoever as I myself might or could do if personally present.
I do hereby authorize and empower my said attorney Substitute one or more Attorney or Attorneys under him with all or any of the foregoing powers and the same at pleasure to retake?
Hereby ratifying and confirming all and whatsoever my said Attorney his substitute or Substitutes shall lawfully do or cause to be done in the premises by virtue of these presents.
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal in the British Consulate at Buenos Ayres the seventeenth day of August in the Year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and twenty nine.
(Signed) John Clark Hill

Sworn to signed sealed and delivered in the British Consulate at Buenos Ayres the seventeenth day of August in the Year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and twenty nine before me
Which I Attest
Charles Griffiths
HBM's V Consul

Witnesses to the execution of the within written Power of Attorney by John Clark Hill
Joshua Thwaites Merchant of Buenos Aires
Simon Sharpe British Consulate Buenos Ayres

These are to Certify that on this day personally came and appeared in this Consulate John Clark Hill a British Merchant at present residing in this City who being duly Sworn made Oath and declared that he is the sole owner of the ship or Vessel called the "Druid" of London before mentioned and particularized and who did in my presence and in the presence of Simon Sharpe and Joshua Thwaites Esq. swear to sign seal and deliver the aforegoing Power of Attorney as his own act and deed in solemn form required by Law Given under my hand and the Seal of this Consulate at Buenos Ayres the seventeenth day of August in the Year of Our Lord 1829.
signed Charles Griffiths,
HBM V Consul.

For more information on the Druid see Maxine Hanon, Diccionario de Británicos en Buenos Aires, p.78